Welcome to our new site.  Young Spirit Mentoring Program is a powerful multicultural on-the-ground fitness and empowerment initiative, focusing on youth, community and creating a positive vision for the future. My names Dave Bell, I’m a Wiradjuri elder and I’ve been running Young Spirit Mentoring for around 20 years, with the help of our incredible volunteers and mentors. This program has changed the lives of youth at risk, Campbelltown’s community & families in such powerful way. Check us out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/youngspiritmentoring/


Established in 2001 as ‘Father & Sons’, Young Spirit’s roots are deeply entrenched in youth servicing and community empowerment.

Almost 20 years later and now the sole original founder of ‘Young Spirit Mentoring’, Traditional Owner and Aboriginal Elder David Bell has refurbished the program, expanding its horizons further than most youth enriching services. Through sheer willpower and passion for getting disadvantaged children off the streets, Uncle Dave has gained a following—a family—from helping these kids break the stereotype and achieve greater than what their heritage inferred.  Just recently uncle Dave’s teamed up with superstar personal trainer and nutritionist Jeffrey Morgan to roll out the program across the border in QLD.


The program is unique in that it is a morning program, as it has stayed since its founding, focusing on physical wellbeing that extends to leading the youths into a routine and building a resilience that also builds their confidence. Young Spirit relies on being engaged and engaging the programs participants in their community, education, and employment, along with the maxim, Young Spirit cares for above all—Family.


Young Spirit Mentoring runs 3 days a week—Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays—at 6AM to 7AM. Despite its early morning start, the program attracts numbers of over 50 youths all ranging from 5 years of age to late teens. The fitness routine the kids participate in is hard and fast and leaves them feeling rejuvenated and ready for school, after breakfast of course. Breakfast is provided by the parents of program goers and also volunteers who have willing put in their time and effort to cook and supply food for the children of the program.


Family and community are first and foremost in the program, starting from ‘Father & Sons’ to a program for even mothers and daughters.


The goal at Young Spirit Mentoring is to establish a routine within the children’s mind and get them to become more engaged with their schoolwork along with being aware of their own health and safety.’


At Young Spirit, we encourage regular school attendance, socializing, and positivity towards every aspect of their life. We are here to help the next generation move forward, developing young leaders to become the great leaders of tomorrow. We strive to empower the children, giving them the confidence to take pride in their work and raising their self-esteem.


For the older participants of the program, Young Spirit hopes to motivate the young adults to gain enough confidence to see the strengths that their peers see in them. This, in turn, allows them to go out into the world in search of a possible new pathway or even basic part-time employment that we try to help explore with them

As a whole, YSMP also hopes to better connections in the community, promoting multiculturalism and respecting such heritage. It allows the children to connect on a deeper level that cultural differences either stigmatize or disallow due to a lack of understanding. They learn to base their friendships on personality over the colour of their skin or the accent in their voice. We are a family, united under one main goal which is to broaden the children’s horizons. The allow them to have the opportunity to better themselves.


YSMP proudly presents Thrive Tribe – Australia

YSMP have teamed up with Jeffrey Morgan Personal Training & Nutrition to bring you Thrive Tribe – Australia. Specialising in Whole of Community Transformations, using a holistic approach that aims to engage and inspire. Check out Jeff’s Instagram and Website to keep up to date with all the latest challenges and all the best healthy lifestyle tips.

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